Nokia & CheckPoint TroubleShooting (2)

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作者: reistlin
更新时间: 2010.12
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1,CheckPoint 防火墙配置菜单:cpconfig

nokia[admin]# cpconfig

2,CheckPoint 防火墙停止,启动,重新启动

nokia[admin]# cpstop
nokia[admin]# cpstart
nokia[admin]# cprestart

3,停止 CheckPoint 防火墙以后,启用 Nokia 路由转发:ipsofwd

nokia[admin]# ipsofwd on admin

4,Reset/Renew CheckPoint SIC(Secure Internal Communications)

nokia[admin]# cpconfig
This program will let you re-configure
your Check Point products configuration.
Configuration Options:
(1)  Licenses and contracts
(2)  SNMP Extension
(3)  Group Permissions
(4)  PKCS#11 Token
(5)  Random Pool
(6)  Secure Internal Communication
(7)  Enable cluster membership for this gateway
(8)  Enable Check Point SecureXL
(9)  Automatic start of Check Point Products
(10) Exit
Enter your choice (1-10) : 6

5,查看 CheckPoint License 信息:cplic print

nokia[admin]# cplic print
Host             Expiration  Features          never       CPXP-CI-VPX-50-NGX CK-XXXXXXXXXXXX
Contract Coverage:
There is no contract coverage for the above licenses.

6,查看 VPN Domain 加密域是否有重叠:vpn overlap_encdom communities

nokia[admin]# vpn overlap_encdom communities
No overlapping encryption domain.

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