CheckPoint Web Visualization Tool

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Web Visualization 可以将 CheckPoint SmartCenter 服务器中的安全策略和安全对象.导出成可读性良好的文本 (Html/Xml) 格式.这是一种基于对 SmartCenter 服务器数据库的快照模式.可以使安全管理/审计员/任何人在任何时间.不需要实时连接到 SmartCenter 服务器来查看安全策略和安全对象.


The Web Visualization solution allows the Security Policy as well as objects in the objects database to be exported into a readable format. This exported information represents a snapshot of the database. This Security Policy can be viewed by anyone who is not connected to the SmartCenter in real time.

Professionals as security auditors and IT administrators who are mobile, need this capability on a daily basis. The Security Policy can be exported in HTML or XML formats.


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